Where the River Frowns features anti-establishment news, analysis and culture from Evansville, Indiana, and the tri-state region. We highlight the stories, voices and innovations  of those on the margins—the ones who come home tired from working a shitty job and still find the energy to create something beautiful. The ones who find their back against the wall and still find creative and liberatory ways to respond or fight back against the desolate world we inhabit.

We are interested in articles on current events, prisons and jails, state repression, radical/counter-cultural movements, race, rebellion/resistance/insurrection, radical history, addiction and substance abuse, anti-fascism, mental illness, gentrification, poverty, animal rights, theory, gender, and other topics.

Please send submissions of your analysis, critique, research, first-hand account, report-back, book/zine/album review, memoir, essay, editorial/opinion, creative writing, photography and video. Or better yet, email us with a pitch about the work you are interested in submitting.

We are not interested in content not originating from or directly impacting this region, topics already well covered by the mainstream media, promotion of political candidates, overly academic materials, or articles amplifying the voices of those holding power, of those whose voices are already well heard or of top-down organizations.

Send submissions to WhereTheRiverFrowns [at] riseup [dot] net