“We will miss his smile, his laughter, and his spirit”: A Statement from Ricky Ard’s Family

The following statement was provided to Where the River Frowns by Shannon, Ricky Ard’s niece:

The Ard family would like to express our deepest gratitude to the community for the heartfelt outpouring of sympathy. We are very much appreciative of all the expressions of support.

As anyone can imagine, losing a loved one unexpectedly is incredibly difficult, and even more so under the circumstances that we lost our brother, son, uncle and friend, Ricky.

Ricky had a long, documented history of mental illness. As we grieve and continue to process the events of Ricky’s death, we cannot help but to consider how his mental illness impacted the events as they unfolded. We know that to the officers and bystanders Ricky was seemingly violent, but to us he was in dire need of medical attention. Regrettably, we cannot change the events and the outcome of what transpired on Tuesday.

Ricky had never been charged with a crime of violence, which adds to our grief.

We as a family sought help for Ricky, but were restricted from doing so due to the current mental health laws for adults.

In conclusion, we pray that this tragic situation will encourage everyone to get educated on mental health. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms; learn how to provide care to those who need it. We can only hope other Evansville citizens, and citizens nationwide, will have access to prompt and continuous and comprehensive mental health treatment throughout their lifetime.

We will miss his smile, his laughter, and his spirit. Please continue to pray for the Ard Family and all those who loved Ricky. Please consider our family during this time and respect our privacy as we continue to grieve.

With deep sadness,
The Ard Family


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